Dance Dance Dance

For 3 to 4 hours a week

I wait outside a village hall

While my children

Aged 3.5 and 7.5 dance

Esther, William and Bea

Are all pupils at the

Charlotte Hudson School of Dance

They started dancing with Charlotte in 2016

I think just Esther started first

Primary Ballet

In the summer term

William quickly followed when an Acro class was started

Bea started Acro Tots in the summer

And by September though still a few months too young

Was allowed to start preschool ballet

From those first tentative steps

My tiny dancers now do multiple ballet and Acro classes

And are about to start Jazz, Modern, Tap and Musical Theatre

It took us a while to find a class rhythm that worked for us

And I think we are still trialling new things

And coming up with a timetable that works

For a large family who all love to dance

But my children have today voted with their feet

And their hearts

They would gladly give up all else they do

If it meant more dancing with Charlotte


Today was a wonderful day for dancing

And for our family

As Esther, William and Bea

As part of the 120 strong school of dance

Taught, led and inspired by Charlotte Hudson

Performed on stage at The Sinden Theatre

To over 400 people across two performances

Of their amazing show

Dance Dance Dance

The show

Choreographed and taught by Charlotte

To 120 children

Aged 2 – 15

Flowed seamlessly from dance to dance

Having never rehearsed on the theatre stage

All the children were so brave to step out in front of a huge audience

They did so with confidence and character

They did so with style

They did so with colour and sparkle in beautiful costumes

They did so with self belief

The kind children only have when a teacher has believed in them first

When a teacher has nurtured and encouraged them

Given them so much more

Than just the teaching of steps and technique

Every dance was perfectly pitched and planned

For the age and ability of each class

My favourites from the show were

Ugly Bug Ball

Danced by Bea’s preschool ballet class


Danced by Naomi Sinclair

Join The Circus

Danced by Standard 1 Ballet

Boom Boom Pow

An Acro Dance

The Glow

Danced by Esther’s Primary Ballet Class



Danced by Senior Tap

ballet glow

As well as favourite dances

There were a few stand out performances for me too

I have to start with my own children

Bea, age 3, was just so confident on the stage

Full of confidence and character

Beaming smile from ear to ear

Her dancing was wonderful

A joy to watch

My heart was bursting with pride and joy as she bounced around the stage


Esther, age 7

Not a natural dancer

Yet awkwardly full of grace and poise

And trying so very hard to remember all the steps

To her six dances!

Esther danced with her own classes

And the preschool classes that she helps in

I was so proud to see the young ones looking to her for help

And so grateful to Charlotte

For giving my shy daughter this wonderful opportunity

To improve her own dancing and confidence

While helping others

teacher dancer

There were four senior girls

Who perform together so beautifully

They were all very good

I particularly enjoyed watching Rochelle

Who was full of character in her tap dance

She made it look so easy!

Naomi’s solo made me cry

Together the four of them were incredibly impressive

I hope my children will continue to enjoy dancing into their teens

These girls are wonderful role models for the little ones

In the primary age group

There were two dancers for me

Who had great rhythm and presence on stage

They had a real sense of fun in their dances

And danced with every part of themselves

From their fingertips and tippy toes to the tops of their ballerina buns

Their performances made me smile

These two were Merryn

Whose Acro was awesome

And Tilly the infectiously brilliant clown

And perfect pirate who just made the dances look so easy

They both took to the stage with such joy

I could not take my eyes off these two when they were on the stage

A pleasure to watch them do their thing!

I found myself very emotional watching Holly do her Acro solo

She was so brave and her performance was so confident and controlled

It was really lovely to see

Holly has inspired William to want to continue Acro

And to have some extra lessons with Charlotte to improve his basic technique

And try some new things

So thank you Holly for being a role model and an inspiration

I loved the fact that the adult tap class joined the show today

I think that it is really important for the little ones to see the older ones dance

And to see that grown ups can dance and enjoy performing too

The whole show was just fantastic

It was clear to see how hard every child had worked

And how much they all loved being on the stage

Charlotte and her team of chaperones

Including her mum, sister and boyfriend

Had obviously worked tirelessly

To make the day run so smoothly

Getting 120 children in the right costumes

In the right place at the right time

Is no easy thing

But Charlotte Hudson School of Dance made it seem so simple

The whole show flowed effortlessly

And the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves

Clapping and cheering for their own loved ones

And for everyone involved in making the show such a success

I know that I was not alone at feeling emotional throughout the show

As a proud mummy of three of the dancers

But also as a part of the school’s journey

chsd wow

In the first show in December 2016

Esther, William and Bea were 3 out of 50 dancers

Today they were 3 out of 120

That is testament to Charlotte

Her wonderful teaching style

Her caring and nurturing nature

Her ability to encourage and inspire

The inclusive ethos of the school

Encouraging everyone to come along and have a go

Wanting her pupils to find a love for music and dancing

More important than a point perfect performance

Well, Miss Charlotte

Your dancers did you proud

The school is an absolute credit to you

And we feel proud, privileged and honoured to be a small part of it

Thank you

And long may you continue to help our little ones find their feet

And dance, dance, dance

dance dance dance

If you are in Kent and thinking about dance lessons

For your little ones

Do please take a look

At The Charlotte Hudson School of Dance

Come be part of something very very special

Led by someone incredibly patient and kind

Immensely talented

And amazingly inspirational

Thank you Charlotte

For all you do

With all our hearts

Thank you x

8 thoughts on “Dance Dance Dance

  1. This is such a lovely post!!! Dancing is such a beautiful , expressive thing. I never got to go to dance class as a kid and am seriously contemplating finding an adult one for absolute beginners to get it out of my system!!!

  2. My daughter does ballet, tap, modern, acro and musical theatre at a similar type of school. They have just built their own studios which is wonderful as I no longer have to sit outside in the car…we have a cafe with free wifi! What a treat! It’s great for children to learn to dance and I hope mine will continue until they are adults!

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