Cool Sports Your Kids Will Love to Try

The summer holidays are quickly approaching (too quickly for my liking!) which means another 6 weeks or so of trying to find fun new activities for the kids to try.

And if your kids are anything like mine, they’ll go through phases of wanting to play certain sports, finding others ‘really boring’ and vice versa.

That’s why I find it hugely beneficial to arm myself with plenty of activities we can have a go at, so I’ve always got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Here are a few of the ideas for this year:

Running/Cross Country
Although running is hugely popular in the adult world, it’s not always something you’d consider for younger athletes. However, the sooner they start, the better they’ll be.

As a sport that requires hardly anything to get started (just a decent pair of running shoes), this is something they can try with ease – perhaps even going for a run with mum and dad, too? Over time, they’ll build up their endurance, which enhances their ability to push themselves to do better and constantly try and beat their personal best.


Ice Skating
Now, if you ever had the pleasure of ice skating when you were little, your first time around the rink is probably something you can still remember to this day. There’s something quite magical about skating around on ice, isn’t there?

However, ice skating is a skill that takes time to master, which is why it’s great if your child likes to get stuck into something new. With the promise of becoming a star-studded figure skater and the latest pair of Edea skates for their birthday if they persevere, it may be the sport they’ve been looking for.

teacher dancer

If sports don’t seem to capture your son’s or daughter’s attention, you may want to try something that’s even further off the beaten track – dancing. If they’ve ever shown a passion for performing (or even if they just love listening to music) this could be the perfect way to get them active.

From a step-by-step DVD you can try at home to local dance classes, there are so many varieties of dance, you’re sure to find something that’s in keeping with their personality.


Martial Arts
Not only do martial arts teach your child defence skills but they’re also great for discipline and respect. With many classes run in the traditional way, sports like taekwondo and karate are great for getting your children to focus on something, which will help wonders with their school work too.

Other activities include gymnastics, wrestling, golfing, playing tennis – the list goes on.

Just look in your local paper or ask around about up-coming activities in your area and you might just be surprised at the budding sports star you have waiting in the wings at home.

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