Our Friday Edventure: Bekenscot

There are places you go

That capture your heart

Places that call you back to them

Time and time again

Places you want to share with those that you love

Bekenscot is one of those places for me


I first heard about it on Show Me Show Me

In 2012

And set my heart on taking Esther and Wiliam there

Which we did

On my 36th birthday

With a 4 month old Matilda Mae

Birthday Girl and Bekenscot Bear!

Birthday Girl and Bekenscot Bear!

We went with our extended family that day

On David’s side

And have since been back just us

And with our extended family on my side

On Friday we returned again

Our family unit complete

Returning from a lovely holiday


Going back to Bekenscot

Feels like coming home


Bekenscot is a model village

Visiting there is like taking a Gulliver style step back in time

With streets are set in the 1930s

Bekonscot Model Village actually comprises six little towns stuck in a 1930s timewarp. Bekonscot Town is the biggest, with the others scattered about the other 1.5 acres of gardens. Each has its own character, villagers and features – from coal mines to great castles, aerodromes to farms, docks to cable cars, racecourses to escaped convicts!

There are more than 200 buildings, 3,000 inhabitants, 1,000 animals, hundreds of vehicles and many models move right before your eyes. Stride down the High Streets and peek inside buildings – we’ve hidden hundreds of tiny details so take a second look!

bekenscot esther

There is something for everyone

For all ages

Our children aged just one to almost eight

All had such a lovely time on Friday

Even though our visit was shorter than we would like

Because it was such a hot day

For the time we were there

We were caught up in a land of stories

In history

In classic children’s literature

In our own imaginations

bekenscot church

Bekenscot is a very special place to spend some time

A place to lose yourself

And have some fun

We walked around the miniature town three or four times

We always do

Racing round the first time

Chasing the trains

bekenscot trains

Slower the second time

Spotting animals




Play parks

bekenscot park

Peeking in windows

Commenting on characters

Seeking scenes that mean something to us

bekenscot family

From stories

Or through our own life


Each time we visit

The children see things a little differently

Depending on who we are with

What we have been up to

And in relation to stories we have read

During our recent travels

We have been listening to Ladybird Classic audio books

On our way to Beaconsfield we purposefully listened to Gulliver’s Travels

But what made me super proud of all our children

Was how they saw the other stories we had heard and read

In the village they explored

A fox hunt was from The Railway Children

fox hunt

A walled garden The Secret Garden

secret garden

The big top was Galliano’s Circus

Complete with the tiger trailer

Where Jimmy befriends Ruby

2018-07-06 12.53.28

We found Black Beauty

And his friend Ginger

black beauty

We found the harbour from Over Sea, Under Stone


And a water wheel like the one at Bluestone’s Camp Smokey

bekenscot water wheel

I love their intertextuality

Their ability to mix up the stories they know

Make links between fiction and real life

And their love of making stories of their own

bekenscot william

Bekenscot is the perfect place to inspire all of this

It is a place for stories and history

To talk about what life was when parents and grandparents were little

It is a rich place for learning and fun

2018-07-06 12.00.05

I know that we will be going back again

To chase the trains

Share our stories

Ride the Ride On Railway

And play on the park

2018-07-06 12.41.24

I cannot wait to see Edie toddling round

Looking in all the windows

And trying to open the doors

2018-07-06 12.41.36

We punctuated our visit with lunch and ice cream

Both of which were delicious

And allowed us to shelter from the blistering heat of the sun

I asked the children if they still love Bekenscot

They all said that they do

With Bea suggesting that it might be more fun

If there were little people to play with

In the model towns

We then told Bea

What a friend has since told me

That at night

When no one is looking

Bekenscot comes to life

A magical place

For making magical memories to treasure




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